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In sport, classification exists so that athletes compete in fair and equal competition. In Paralympic Sport, the wide range of sports and disabilities create unique classification systems. Paralympic classification groups athletes according to how their disability impacts on their sport. Athletes compete against others with similar disabilities, so that the athletes who succeed do so on the basis of athletic performance.

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Physical Impairment 

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Hearing Impairment


Transplant Impairment


Classification for Athletes With A Physical Impairment

Classifications for athletes with a physical impairment will be conducted through Athletics South Australia.

Classification is a free service to anyone wishing to compete in athletics. You must express your interest in order to be classified. Certain athletes will get priority based on state or international competitions.

Expressions of interest will close a week before the scheduled date, after which athletes will be allocated a time-slot and will be provided more information.

Register via the Link: Expression of Interest 


Classification for Athletes with a Vision Impairment

National Sports Organisation - Paralympics Australia

Paralympics Australia manage the National Classification Program for Vision Impairment. If you have a vision impairment (VI) and would like to start the process of getting a VI classification, please complete our request for classification form.

Classification for Athletes with an Intellectual Impairment 

National Sports Organisation - Sport Inclusion Australia

Sport Inclusion Australia are the national organisation responsible for classifying athletes with an Intellectual Impairment. Athletes wishing to participate in athletics at national or international level events must complete the appropriate Sport Inclusion Australia forms. For more information regarding eligibility please access the Sport Inclusion Australia website.

Classification for Athletes with a Hearing Impairment 

National Sports Organisation - Deaf Sports Australia

Deaf Sports Australia is the national sports organisation that are responsible for Hearing Impaired classifications. Athletes wishing to obtain a classification as a Hearing Impaired Athlete, must first obtain an Audiogram. Athletes then complete the Classification Form. For more information on Hearing Impaired classification please read the DSA Athlete Eligibility page.

Classification for Athletes with a Transplant Impairment

National Sports Organisation - Transplant Australia

Athletes who have received a transplant, and wish to be classified as a transplant athlete must apply through Transplant Australia. To obtain a transplant classification athletes must complete the Application for Transplant Classification Form and return it to Transplant Australia.