This section contains the official state records of South Australian athletics. State records are essentially the best performance ever officially recorded by a South Australian athlete in a particular age group in a particular event that is conducted under World Athletics rules.

Update: At the August 2023 Athletics SA Board Meeting, the Board approved the change of the determination of age to be determined as at 31st December, rather than the age at competition, but not retroactively re-calculate past records. This change was supported broadly at clubs' conference by attending clubs. This brings SA inline with Athletics Australia records.

Men Track and Field

Women Track and Field


Para Men Track


Para Women Track

Para Men Jumps

Para Women Jumps

Para Men Throws

Para Women Throws


SA State Records Progression (Men)


SA State Records Progression (Women)


If you believe any of the above records are incorrect, please contact the Athletics SA office on 8354 3477 or

If you are interested in records for Over 35 aged athletes, please check out the SA Masters website.


Requirements for Claiming a State Record

For a state record, the athlete's age is taken as at 31st December. In order to claim a state record, the following conditions must first be met:

  • The athlete must be currently registered with Athletics SA.
  • Implements must be correctly certified.
  • The competition must be an official Athletics SA competition and must be conducted under World Athletics rules.


How to Claim a State Record

State Records are not automatically awarded -  Athletes must apply using the downloadable forms below. The record claim must be signed off by the appropriate, qualified official from the event or, in the case of National and International events (conducted under World Athletics rules), a website address must be supplied for the official results.eturn the form in person to the Athletics SA office at SA Athletics Stadium, email or post to PO Box 84, Torrensville Plaza SA 5031