The Emerging Athlete Program (EAP) serves to bridge the gap between state level talent and development progression and NASS level support for our elite athletes. It is a holistic approach to building the capacity of our state to foster and encourage high-performance culture and environments for athletes and coaches to progress and deliver greater outcomes.

The main function of the program is to improve the daily training environment of those athletes selected by coordinating and providing access to services (e.g. sports psychology, physiotherapy), access to resources (e.g. training passes for athletics facilities, funding), and access to support (e.g. mentoring, coaching, and development opportunities). The second focus for the program is to support the advancement of the level of coaching in SA and to further the culture of continuous learning in that space.

The Senior Performance Program (SPP) operates as an off-shoot of the EAP and offers support to athletes over the age of 23 who have had significant national or international performances but still sit just outside of the NASS program.

If you are interested in being apart of the EAP or SPP you can find the relevant Selection Policy and combined Nomination Form below.

Nominations for the EAP or SPP must be submitted via the Nomination Form by 11:59pm on Tuesday 30th April 2024. 


2024/25 Program Information:

EAP Selection Policy

SPP Selection Policy

EAP/SPP Nomination Form


Preferred Providers

Physio Smart is the preferred Physio provider for the EAP.  Our movement experts work with some of the top performance athletes in the state.  If you need support for an injury or want to optimise your performance with a tailored assessment, please book an appointment here or reach out to Physiotherapist Natalie Gibbs (

The EAP athletes have access to funding support that includes a full hour screening session so visit us today to plan your year or design a targeted program to achieve your goals.  We'll help you move better so you can perform at your best.


Thank you to our program partners!