Game Changing. Period. Education Workshop: Support Figures Session
Thu 16 May 2024 6:00PM — 7:30PM

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It’s Time To Change The Narrative Of Periods And Remove The Stigma !

This free presentation is for support figures and provides practical tools to keep young athletes in the game and guidelines for fostering period-positive sports environments.

The Pelvic Pain Foundation Australia and Active inclusion have come together with the support of the Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing to encourage open, supportive and informed conversation for everyone in sport. From grassroots to elite, whether you’re an athlete, coach, trainer or fan – whatever your involvement, whatever your experience, you have a place on this team. This is a challenge against the taboo of speaking about periods and a push for education, participation and activation of inclusive period-positive practices across the sport-scape. This is Game changing. Period.

This presentation is for Support figures (coaches, parents, team managers, etc) and aims to: 

  • Enhance coaches’ and support staff’s comprehension of the physiological intricacies of the menstrual cycle.
  • Illustrate ways in which coaches can utilise this understanding to tailor players’ training programs effectively.
  • Develop a comprehensive awareness of the manifestations of period and pelvic pain, and establish a toolkit for players to effectively manage discomfort, ensuring continuous participation in sports.
  • Elevate the overall player availability within the team.
  • Equip coaches and supporters with the strategies to effectively manage pelvic pain, thereby reducing training and performance disruptions.

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