The Target Talent Program (TTP) is Athletics Australia's (AA) national junior high-performance pathway program which is delivered in partnership with each state's member association, in this case, Athletics South Australia (ASA). The program offers the junior athletes in South Australia, and their coaches, specific talent identification modalities, development opportunities, and support through a pathway towards high performance athletics.


The TTP Award

The TTP Award will be managed by Athletics Australia and supported by ASA in South Australia.  The program aims to offer a flexible education model incorporating online Webinars and an associated Learning portal in conjunction with Practical Masterclasses.  Athletes will be able to achieve the Bronze, Silver and Gold Award by completing each of the units offered through the use of the AA learning Portal and Webinars, which will be hosted by AA Pathway Discipline Coordinators and experienced coaches.

To achieve the TTP Award each year, athletes will need to engage in the following:

  • Complete all education Webinars and the required online assessment;
  • Complete a Goal Setting unit upon selection and Season Review at the end of the competition season;
  • Participate in at least 1 Masterclass;


Education Webinars

  • Nutrition
  • Exercise Physiology
  • Sport Psychology
  • Athlete Wellbeing
  • Injury Risk Reduction
  • Biomechanics
  • Performance Planning


Practical Masterclasses

ASA will hold a minimum of 2 Masterclasses for TTP athletes and their coaches to attend.  Athletes (and their coaches) who are in the TTP will be given first option of attending Masterclasses before they are released to the public. The aim is to connect High Performance Staff / Coaches / Athletes with talented athletes in each state.

Further information about the Performance Pathway can be found on the Athletics Austraila website.

Preferred Providers

Physio Smart is the preferred Physio provider for the Target Talent Program.  If you need support for an injury or want to optimise your performance with a tailored assessment, please book an appointment here.  We'll help you move better so you can perform at your best and achieve your goals.