Competition Management


Competition Management is a vital component of conducting an efficient and effective competition. Much like an Event Manager for a major event, the Competition Manager is responsible for overseeing the conduct of the entire competition. This involves ensuring the smooth operation of the competition and solving problems as they arise during the course of the event.

Competition Managers require extensive knowledge and/or experience of athletics competitions. Vital skills that effective Competition Managers require include:

- Excellent people management skills
- The ability to make effective decisions in a high pressure environment
- The ability to solve problems on the fly
- The ability to multi-task and deal with a number of personnel, areas, and issues at one time
- High level knowledge of the rules of athletics
- Excellent leadership skills
- High level organisational skills

Ideally, the Competition Manager should not be involved in the event as an Official on the field. As the name suggests, they should be free to move about all areas of the competition to effectively manage all aspects of the event.



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