Throws Officials


Throws Referees

- Shall ensure that the rules (and applicable technical regulations) are observed and shall decide upon any matters which arise during competition and for which provision has not been made in these Rules
- Check all results and sign
- Rule on oral protests
- Declare that any part of an event (as well as the whole event) can be re-run where circumstances justify it.
- Has the authority to move the place of competition at the end of the round if thought to be unsafe
- Allow athlete’s to compete in an order other than that originally drawn
- Supervise measurement of records
- Check and sign results sheets
- Warn or exclude any athlete guilty of improper conduct


Chief Throws Judges

- Responsible for the conduct of the event, allocating the duties of the Throws Judges and the work of the judging team, referring back to the Referee in case of problems.
- Supervise warm-up throws in competition order
- Ensure the competition is conducted in accordance with the rules
- Throws Judges
- Ensure the event site is maintained in a neat and tidy condition
- Ensure that each athlete is ready to commence his/her trial when called
- Assist the Chief Judge in the determination of legal or illegal throws and raise the correct coloured flag accordingly
- Judge and record each trial and measure each valid trial
- Ensure safety of other officials and athletes


Circle/Arc Judges (flags)

- Raise a white flag/show white card to indicate a fair throw from the circle
- Raise a red flag/show a red card to indicate an infringement of the rules in the circle
- If a tape is required pull the tape through the centre of the circle for shot and discus and through the point 8m behind the arc in the javelin


Fall Judge Spike/Prism

- Place the zero end of the spike or the point of the prism where the implement lands


Fall Judge (Flags)

- Raise a white flag if the implement lands inside the sector tape or for the javelin the point lands first
- Raise a red flag if the implement lands on or outside the sector lines or the tip of the javelin does not land first



- Call all athletes who have 1 minute to complete their throw
- Record the measurement for each athlete’s throw
- At the end of the 3rd and 5th rounds determine the best throws for each athlete and reverse the throwing order from worst to best. Count back if there is a tie.







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