Track Officials


Track Officials at the 2010 Athletics SA All Schools Invitational

Track Referees

- A separate Referee is appointed for the Call Room, track events, field events, for combined events and for running and race walking events outside the stadium.
- The Referees for track events and for events outside the stadium shall have no jurisdiction over matters within the responsibilities of the Chief Judge of Race Walking events
- Referees shall ensure that the Rules (and applicable technical Regulations) are observed and shall decide upon any matters which arise during the competition (including the Call Room) and for which provision has not been made in these Rules
- The respective Referees for track events and for events outside the stadium shall have jurisdiction to decide placings in a race only when the Judges of the disputed place(s) are unable to arrive at a decision
- The relevant Track Referee has the power to decide on any facts related to the start if he does not agree with the decisions made by the start team except in the cases when it involves a false start detected by an IAAF approved false start control apparatus, unless for any reason the Referee determines that the information provided by the apparatus is obviously inaccurate
- Preside over all track events and ensure they are conducted according to the rules
- Decide on matters for which rules do not cover
- Check all results
- Rule on oral protests
- Has the authority to warn or exclude a athlete for improper conduct
- Rule on placings if judges cannot decide


Chief Umpire

- Allocate duties to the Umpires
- Talk to Umpires concerning a breach when a yellow flag is raised and then discuss the breach with the Track Referee



- “Eyes of the Referee”
- Do not have the power to make decisions and must report observed infractions to either the Chief or Assistant Chief Umpires
- Raise a yellow flag for any breach of track rules
- Observe the changeovers of relay races
- Assist with the proper set up and placement of hurdles
- Mark on the track where the infringement has occurred


Lap Scorers

- Record the laps completed and times of assigned athletes in races longer than 1500 metres.
- Ensure record keeping is neat and legible
- One lap scorer shall be responsible for maintaining, at the finish line, a display of the laps remaining.


Start Area Coordinator

- Manages the start area
- Allocates the duties of the start team to their events
- Informs the Starter, after receiving the relevant order from the Competition Director to initiate the start procedure
- Acts as an interlocutor between technical staff of timing equipment company and the Judges
- Keeps all paperwork – reaction times and/or false start waveform images
- Ensues false starts are carried out correctly




- Has entire control of the athletes on their marks
- Wear headphones if false start apparatus is used
- Position him or herself so that he or she has a full visual control over all athletes during the start procedure
- Responsible for starting all races fairly and in accordance with the meeting timetable
- Receive the notification to start the race from the Start Area Coordinator
- Starts all races with gun or starting apparatus using the commands; “On Your Marks”; “Set” for distances up to and including 400metres and 4x100m relay followed by the gun
- Start all other races with “On Your Marks” followed by the gun



- Assist the starter by observing the start and firing their gun when there is a false start.
- Place self so that he can see each athlete assigned to him


Starter’s Assistants
- Report at the start line to the Start Area Coordinator
- Familiarize self with the various starts, staggers and finish of each race
- Ensure that athletes are in the correct lane, start line and heat
- Ensure the athlete’s competition number and hip number are correctly worn
- Ensure that athletes assemble about three metres behind the start line and in the correct lane
- Check the location and supply of relay batons
- Provide relay batons to the first relay runner in each team
- Collect relay batons after each race
- When the Starter has ordered the athletes to their marks, ensure that each athlete has assumed the correct position and are within their lane behind the start line.
- Signal to the Starter
- When a recall is ordered, assemble the athletes immediately for the new start
- Assist the starter as required
- Assist with the movement of starting equipment
- Assist with the return of all equipment used to its proper place: starting blocks and cables, starter’s stand
- Indicate when athletes are ready
- In the event of a false start, indicate this to the athlete concerned with a yellow card placed on the respective lane marker and then the whole field.
- In the event of further false starts a red card shall be raised in front of the respective athlete
- Move the starting blocks, lane markers, starter’s stand ad other equipment used at the start of races into the proper position


Photo Finish Judges

- Timing personnel are required for the initial set-up, testing and operation of the photo-finish equipment
- Initial determination of the results


Wind Gauge Operator

- Set up the wind gauge to the appropriate height and distance. It shall be placed beside the straight, adjacent to lane 1, 50m from the finish line. It shall be positioned 1.22m high and not more than 2m away from the track.


Chief Timekeeper/Caller

- Call lap times for athletes in events which do not finish in lanes

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