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Registrations for the 2013/14 season is now available. The new registration period commences on the 1st of October 2013. Season 2013/14 fees are listed below.

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Registration Options Explained

All athletes wishing to register must at a minimum pay one of the “base fees” listed in the table below, plus an additional fee set by the club you choose to register with.

You then have two options as to how you pay to participate in events. The first is to purchase a season pass which is a once off payment that allows you to compete in all Athletics SA events throughout the season, without having to pay any additional fees (this includes free entry in to state championship events). This is valuable if you are like to participate in at least 9 events across the course of the track and field season.

The second option is to pay for each competition as you participate in it (i.e. pay as you go). In this option, you are required to pay $12 for each  competition by entering online prior to competition day. Choose this option if you are more likely to participate on a casual basis.



Step 1

Choose the applicable base fee

(Little Athletics dual registration and e-grade only need to complete step 1 to identify their registration category)

Step 2

Choose your preferred competition fee option for competition from the list below

Step 3

Note your registration base fee and competition fees, then Select the club you wish to join

Step 4

click here to register and follow the prompts


Competition Entries

Please note that all registrations for Interclub competition will be taken online from 2013/14. On the day registration will be available, but will incur additional fees

Click the following link for more details:

Important Information Regarding Interclub Entries 2013.14


Membership fees and event charges for season 2013/14 are as follows:

Category (Base Fees) Registration Fee Per Athlete
Open, O35, O50, and Junior $63
Country $31.50
Little Athletics Dual Registration (aged 12 to Under 15 as at 31st December 2013. This option includes club fees and a summer pass)Para Athletes (includes summer pass) $50 * 



E-grade (special competition for athletes with an intellectual disability) $73.50
SA Masters Members ** +




Category (Competition Fees) Registration Fee Per Athlete
Summer Pass (includes free access to all Athletics SA summer competitions, including state championships) $105 ($95 junior)
Summer and Winter Pass (includes free access to all Athletics SA summer and winter competitions) $175 ($165 junior)
Weekly Online Event Fee (This is the “pay as you go” option) $12
On the day competition fee (i.e. for those that don’t register online prior to Interclub) $20
Winter Pass $70
Out of Stadium Events (road running, cross country, walking events) Various. See individual events for details
One Day Registration (one day competition access for unregistered participants)  $20
Note: club fees are in addition to the above charges (except dual registration) and are determined by individual clubs. Fees vary between clubs depending on categories and services offered.

* dual registration includes a summer pass and applicable club fees

** Those that register via the SA Masters option must join SA Masters and are only eligible to compete for the SA Masters club at Athletics SA competition. If you wish to compete for another Athletics SA club, you must register with that club and pay the applicable Athletics SA registration fees.

+ SA Masters members will be automatically become registered with Athletics SA (base rate) as membership information is provided by SA Masters to Athletics SA. In order to compete in Athletics SA competitions, Masters members must also choose a competition fee option from the list above.

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What are Registration Fees used for?

As a not-for-profit organisation, Athletics SA relies heavily upon revenue from athlete registrations to function. Following are some examples of what registration monies are used for:

- assist with staffing to conduct competitions and oversee the day to day operations of the office

- cover stadium hire fees

- purchase of office and event consumables and development and printing of hardcopy materials

- purchase new equipment and maintain existing equipment for competition

- web development, marketing, office equipment (e.g. computers)

- competition and event consumables (e.g. bib numbers, safety pins, paper, starting gun blanks)

- purchase medals, awards, trophies, promotional items

- and much more!

Importantly, all money generated from registration fees and through the commercial operations of Athletics SA are members funds and are used solely for the benefit of Athletics SA in South Australia.

It’s important to acknowledge that without the generous support of our sponsors, including the Office for Recreation and Sport, registration fees would be significantly higher.

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