Winter Access Pass 2013


The Winter Access Pass is designed to provide a significant discount to registered Athletics SA participants who wish to compete in most or all of the winter road running, cross country, and trail running events. The flexibility of being able to “pay as you go” for all events is also maintained for those who are registered with Athletics SA.

How Does the Winter Access Pass Work?

Only those participants who are registered with Athletics SA and a Member Club are eligible to purchase the Winter Access Pass. The Athletics SA registration period runs from the 1st of October 2012 until the 30th of September 2013. To register with Athletics SA, an individual must pay the Athletics SA base registration fee of $60 during this period and any applicable Club fees (fees vary between clubs). Once an individual is registered, they are able to purchase a Winter Access Pass which affords them free entry into most winter events.

With the 2013 winter road, cross country, and walks season fast approaching, the 2013 winter pass is now available for purchase for Athletics SA registered members.


Benefits of the Winter Pass

Winter Passes cover entry fees to all Athletics SA operated winter competitions including; Out of Stadium State Championships, Right Royal Fun Run, Fitzy’s 5, the Epsy Run (new event in 2013), as well as 50% off the entry fee for the Run Adelaide State Half Marathon Championships (winter pass holders will be given a discount code for entry to the half marathon)

The pass excludes national events and events not owned and operated by Athletics SA.

Winter Pass holders who intend on participating in the majority of winter events will save themselves around $50 over the course of the season based on members prices (i.e. registered members who don’t purchase a winter pass)


If you are currently registered, please visit the following link to log in and purchase your all access pass to the winter season.

Purchase 2013 Winter Pass


If you are not currently registered and wish to sign up for the winter, please click the following link:

Register with Athletics SA

If you have previously been registered with Athletics SA, please login or retrieve your username and password. If you are a new member, please click the “New Registration” link


How Much Does it Cost?

At only $60, the Winter Access Pass represents exceptional value. With general public entry to Fitzy’s 5 for example costing $27, the pass is the most cost effective way to go for those that participate in many of Athletics SA’s winter events. Registering with Athletics SA and purchasing a winter pass provides the best value running membership in South Australia.

Those registered participants who don’t wish to purchase a pass can still access Athletics SA’s events for the discounted rate of $15 per event.


Buying a Pass for Another Person

Please note that if you are purchasing a pass for another person, make sure you log out and don’t get two (or more ) passes when you are renewing your registration. If you are purchasing a pass on someone’s behalf (e.g. son or daughter), please ensure that you purchase the pass in their name so that we can match it up to their registration. Please call the office on 83543477 if you have any concerns or queries relating to this process.





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