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Courses and seminars for Officials are held throughout the year. The aim of courses and seminars are to upskill current practicing officials and provide education for new officials. More information about each is available below.


In 1993, Athletics Australia introduced the Athletics Australia Officials Education Scheme (AAOES).  Much like Coaching accreditation, there are a number of levels available to Officials, depending on their level of skill and experience.

There are currently three levels of accreditation for officials in Australia. These are:

C Level

To achieve this level of qualification, participants will need to have a few days experience, then sit for a paper. This is a multiple choice, open book exam which is based on the IAAF Handbook. Officials can also be tested for this exam verbally. C Level qualifications are the minimum required to officiate at a state championships or Athletics Australia event.

B Level

To achieve a B Level qualification, participants will need to have held a C Level qualification for at least 12 months before sitting for the B Level exam. The B Level test is similar to the C Level in that it is a written test. The knowledge required to achieve B Level is significantly greater.

A Level

This is the highest qualification level available in Australia. To achieve an A Level, participants will need to have held a B Level qualification for at least 2 years before sitting for the A Level exam. The exam is an in-depth written exam that tests not only knowledge of the rules, but a person’s ability to interpret the rules and make decisions based on a number of difference scenarios. The ability to interpret the rules is tested because this is the key component of being an event referee or chief.

International Technical Official (ITO)

The ITO is the highest level of official qualification available in the world. In 2010, Australia had three ITOs.

Road Running, Cross Country, and Walks

Officiating for road running, cross country, and walks is slightly different to the above. To find out more information, please contact Athletics SA.

Courses in South Australia

Accredited courses in South Australia are currently held according to demand. Athletics Australia is currently reviewing Officiating Courses. Once this review is complete, it is expected that Athletics SA will hold courses more regularly. For more information on courses and the AAOES, please contact Athletics SA’s Officials Liaison Eduction Officer (OLEO), Peter Grant via email at or contact the Athletics SA office.


Seminars are generally held on 3 or 4 occasions each year. Seminars cover a variety of topics relating to officiating and often include information concerning updates to IAAF rules of competition. Upcoming seminars will be listed below and under the News menu once the dates and topics are set.

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