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On the 30th of March 2011, Athletics SA launched a new initiative called the Youth Advisory Komit-e (YAK). YAK reflects a commitment from Athletics SA to continue to connect with the youth of the organisation and provide them with a voice to have input into the key organisational decisions and strategies. With 58% or nearly three fifths of currently registered athletes under the age of 20, youth form a significant component of Athletics SA’s market. YAK allows Athletics SA’s younger members to contribute in a non-traditional format. YAK purposely provides for flexibility in terms of commitment and communication options. Meetings may take place over mediums like Facebook, Twitter, and Skype or in a relaxed setting like a café as needed.

The inaugural members of the Athletics SA Youth Advisory Komit-e are:

Tom McNamara
Hui-Ung Lee
James Lanthois
Brett Fisk
Matt Axford
Jessica Meich
Rosie Kellly
Jacob Cox
Riley Cox
Jess Trengove
Jana Tankosic
Jarrod Sims

YAK will be facilitated by former Australian representative and Athletics SA Board Member, Darren Bown and will have involvement from the Athletics SA Development Officer. Darren’s role will be to work with members of YAK to provide direct input at Board level.

Members of the Athletics SA community are encouraged to make contact with the members of YAK directly or via email at with YAK in the subject line.




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