Athletics SA offers a wide range of events to its registered participants annually. These events range from track and field events held at Santos Stadium in the summer to road races, race walking, and cross country events held throughout South Australia during the winter. Following is an overview of some of the key competitions and events offered by Athletics SA.


Premiership Cup

Athletics SA’s Premiership Cup competition is a key track and field competition, which is generally held on a weekly basis from October to March each year. There are normally 16 rounds of competition, which are interspersed with other track and field events such as state championships and school focussed events. Premiership Cup competition is suitable for participants of all ages and abilities, as the competition is seeded, meaning participants compete against others of similar ability. Participants compete individually in as many events disciplines as they like and accumulate points for their clubs based on their performances. Points accumulate across the course of the season and at the conclusion of the Premiership Cup competition, clubs are awarded pennants in a number of age and gender categories.

Adelaide Airport Invitational

The Adelaide Airport Invitational is an exciting concept of short duration meets where athletes are invited to compete against each other with the aim of achieving personal best performances and event qualifying times. The underlying premise is that high quality head to head competition allows athletes to produce their best and, in turn, assist each other in taking their performances to the next level. All athletes are encouraged to nominate for the Invitational. After nominations are closed, fields are selected from the nominations and the successful athletes are invited to compete. The Adelaide Airport Invitational is a great spectator event with music, professional commentators, and a program which generally run for 60-90 minutes. Entry is free for all spectators.

State Championships

The track and field season has a number of state championship competition opportunities for registered participants. These events are open to all registered athletes. State Championships require pre-registration, which can be completed on the ASA website. The following events are available to registered members:

All Schools State Championships – the premier schools track and field event, which is held in late October every year. Entry is open to all children who attend school in South Australia.

State Junior Championships – the official state championships for junior athletes in the under 14, under 15, under 16, under 17, under 18, and under 20 athletes. This event is only open to those registered with Athletics SA and is usually held in January or February.

State Relay Championships – registered participants compete for their clubs in a variety of relays on the track and in the field. This popular event is usually held in November of December.

State Open, Over 35, and Over 50 Championships – usually held in February or March each year, this event is open to registered Athletics SA athletes and is the official South Australian track and field championships.

Schools Knockout

The Schools Knockout is a popular competition which pits schools in a short duration head to head competition. Schools compete against other schools, collecting points which determine a schools overall performance. The winning teams in the state final earn the right to represent South Australia at the National Schools Knockout Cup, which is held in December each year.

City vs Country

The City vs Country meet is a unique meet held in conjunction with World Athletics Day in May each year. Athletes are invited to compete based on results from the various school track and field meets. Athletes are selected to compete for either the city or the country over a two day competition held at Santos Stadium.

Australian All Schools

The Australian All Schools is a teams based national schools championship event. Athletics SA sends a team to compete at this event, with the All Schools State Championships acting as the selection trial. The event is held over two days in December and all state and territories compete against each other, collecting points that go towards the team’s total. Athletics SA won the Small States Plate in 2010.

Australian Junior Championships

The Australian Junior Championships is the premier national track and field event for junior athletes. The State Junior Championships act as the selection trial for this event and all athletes that are selected to represent South Australia must be registered with Athletics SA. With more than 1800 athletes competing over 5 days of competition, this is an large, exciting event. In 2010, Athletics SA was the best performed of all states and territories relative to team size in Australia, collecting 40 medals, including 18 gold with a team of only 77 athletes.

Australian Open Championships

This event, held in March or April each year is the nation’s most prestigious athletics championships. Depending on the year, this event acts as the primary selection trial for the Australian Flame Athletics Team that competes at the Olympic Games, World Championships, and Commonwealth Games.

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