Following is a list of Frequently Asked Questions that we have compiled. It’s not an exhaustive list and we will add more FAQ’s as we identify them. If you can’t find what you’re looking for here or on the website, please contact the Athletics SA office.


Where Can I Access Results from Competitions and Events?

Results, arranged by registration year are available under the Statistics menu of the website.


I Noticed That Some Results are Recorded Incorrectly in the Results Section. Who do I Contact?

Contact the Athletics SA office. Results posted are often preliminary and data entry errors unfortunately do occur. They’re easily fixed though! Any corrections for Premiership Cup competition must be received by 3pm on Tuesday after the event.


Why Doesn’t my Result Appear in the Online Rankings System?

The online rankings system is currently updated by our photo finish guru Ian Boswell. Ian has a full time job and updates the rankings regularly. All national championship results will appear in the system, however  it is difficult to monitor all events around the country. If you result doesn’t appear, please let us know by contacting the ASA office so we can update it.


Why Should I Register With Athletics SA?

There are many answers to this questions. Athletics SA is the state body for athletics in South Australia and can therefore offer a range of activities, events, and services that are not available to members of other organisations. Many of our athletes register for a variety of reasons and there are events that suit athletes of all ages and abilities. Whatever your desire to participate in athletics, Athletics SA can help you achieve everything from your health and fitness goals right through to chasing your dream of representing Australia at the Olympic Games.


Why is Registration So Expensive?

The simple answer is that it’s not! Compared to other sports and activities, athletics is very reasonably priced. Sports such as netball and soccer have very high costs for people to participate. Athletics SA’s registration fees give registered athletes access to all ASA competitions at Santos Stadium and out of stadium events during the winter. Some other athletics organisations can offer cheaper fees but are unable to offer the same competitions as Athletics SA. The nature of our competitions and services means that our overheards are more expensive and thus our fees are higher than organisations like Little Athletics. For more information on registration, visit the Information section of the Register menu on the website.


Do I Need to be a Member of a Club?

Whilst Athletics SA would prefer that all of our registered participants to be members of a club, it is not necessarily a requirement. Clubs do offer addtional services such as coaching, training venues, and equipment use, for a small annual fee. For more information, contact your local club or the Athletics SA office.


Isn’t Athletics SA Competition Only for People that are Really Good?

Not at all! This is a common misconception. The great thing about Athletics SA competition structures is that they afford athletes of all ages and abilities the opportunity to participate against people of similar abilities. More information about our event offerings is available in the Events section of the website.


What’s the Difference Between Athletics SA and Other SA Athletics Organisations?

As the state body for athletics, Athletics SA is ultimately responsible for track and field, road running, race walking, and cross country running in South Australia. For a variety of reason in SA and around Australia, other athletics focussed organisations have appeared in particular markets and cater for particular areas. SA Little Athletics do a fantastic job servicing participants from very young up to age of 12. Athletics SA competition starts at under 14 and this is where both organisations are working to address the transition process from Little Athletics to Athletics SA competition.

The SA Road Runners Club offers a variety of events for recreational runners and walkers. The SA Athletics League provides “professional running” events where athletes are handicapped according to their abilities. The SA Masters Association provides track and field events also using a handicapping system.

Athletics SA sees the fragmentation of the sport as a barrier to its growth in South Australia and, as the state body, has begun to take steps to work more closely with these organisations, with the ultimate aim of improving athletics in South Australia for its participants.


Do I Need to be Registered to be Eligible for State Titles

Yes, unregistered athletes are not eligible for state championship honours


How do I Register for Events

Athletics SA utilises online registration technology for its events and championships. Visit the appropriate page in the Events menu for registation details for each event (please note registration will only be available for most events 3 or 4 weeks prior to the event).


What is the Registration Period?

Registration with Athletics SA covers a 12 month period. Currently the registration period runs from the 1st of April through to the 30th of March. Under Athletics SA’s proposed new constitution, it is planned that the registration period will commence on the 1st of October and run through to the 30th of September. Athletics SA also proposes to introduce a winter only registration in 2011 for those athletes who only wish to compete during the winter season.


I’m Interested in Coaching. Do I Need to be Accredited?

All coaches working within Athletics SA and its affiliated clubs must be accredited and registered through Athletics Australia. For further information, click HERE


Where Can I Access Information on Coaches?

Athletics SA has a database of accredited coaches and can assist you in contacting coaches in your area. Please call the Athletics SA office on 83543477. Alternatively, the ATFCA offers a “find a coach” section on their website. Click HERE to access the site.


What’s Dual Registration?

Information on Little Athletics Dual Registration is available by clicking HERE

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