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What is Running Australia?
Running Australia is a national network developed to bring fun runs of all sizes and profiles under a collaborative network.

The ultimate aim of Running Australia is to develop a structure for the industry that supports, and more effectively services, the millions of Australians participating in healthy, fun and organised physical activity via fun runs.

What can Running Australia offer?

A key component of Running Australia is public liability insurance. All events under the Running Australia framework are covered by Athletics Australia’s public liability insurance.

The following benefits are also afforded to events coming under the Running Australia banner:

- Athletics Australia sanctioning
- Date flagging and listing on online event calendar at (plus Athletics SA and Athletics Australia websites)
- News articles on Athletics Australia Community Athletics section of the website (linking, where appropriate, to be the feature article on the home page)
- Media releases to the national media list
- Endorsement for any available sponsorship
- Access to the national market analysis of the running industry
- Access to e-commerce and on-line registration technologies
- Opportunity to promote events to the national database of over 130,000 recreational running members of the sport (this includes more than 30,000 South Australian members of Running Australia)
- Opportunity to access Athletics Australia’s schools networks
- Other Running Australia sponsorship benefits when these arise
- Opportunity for promotion through ASA’s networks including social media properties

A number of exciting initiatives are currently under development which will be rolled out in 2011. These initiatives will be of significant value and benefit to Running Australia events.

Runners in the inaugural Fitzy's 5

What does the public liability insurance cover?

The policy covers legal liability to third parties for property damage and/or bodily injury arising out of occurrences during the period of insurance, in respect of covered activities. Under the policy, cover is extended to Running Australia affiliated events and their managers.

The limits of liability covered under the policy are:

a) Public liability – $20,000,000 in respect of any one occurrence during the period of insurance
b) Products liability – $20,000,000 in respect of any one occurrence during the period of insurance
c) Professional liability – $5,000,000 in respect of any one occurrence during the period of insurance
d) Property in physical or legal control – $100,000 in respect of any one occurrence during the period of insurance

There is an excess of $1000 for each and every claim and this is to be paid by the claiming event. The policy is valid anywhere in the world (excluding the USA and Canada).

What costs are associated with registering events under the Running Australia Framework?

Costs are dependent on the size of each event. The insurance cost per individual event is as follows:

Event size (number of participants) Fee
Up to 500 $650.00
501 – 1000 $1200.00
1001 – 3000 $2500.00
3001 – 5000 $3250.00
5001 – 10000 $4000.00
10001 plus $5000.00

What are the requirements for Running Australia events?

In order for insurance and sanctioning to occur, the Event Organiser would need to complete the online Running Australia registration process and submit the following documents, prior to each event, to allow an Athletics Australia insurance and sanction to be issued:

- Police approval
- Council approval
- Details of medical support
- Course certification and map
- Event plan

The Event Organiser will need to place a clause on all registration documents (hard and soft copy) to enable participants to become recreational runner members of the sport and gain associated benefits. The Event Organiser will need to forward, within 30 days of the event, an electronic copy of the entire event database to Athletics Australia in excel or comma delineated text format with the following fields:

- First name
- Last name
- Address
- State
- Postcode
- Email
- Date of Birth
- Gender

Athletics Australia will not sell or provide to a third party the contents of the supplied database. To this end the Event Organiser must include a statement in their privacy policy or on the event entry form that personal information will be provided to Athletics Australia. These clauses will be provided by Athletics SA. Suitable and agreed recognition of the Running Australia program or agreed affiliates must be provided by way of signage and logos on event collateral and event websites where available. Events are only covered once all required paperwork has been received and approved by Athletics Australia and a certificate of currency has been issued to the event.

What are the benefits to athletics in South Australia?

Athletics South Australia, as a member association of Athletics Australia essentially acts as an agent for the sale of the insurance. Athletics SA benefits financially through the sale of Running Australia insurance. As Athletics SA is a not-for-profit Association, funds obtained through Running Australia are invested back in to the sport, meaning that everyone who participates in athletics in South Australia benefits. Importantly too, it also assists in addressing the organisational fragmentation of SA athletics. Through events signing up to be a part of Running Australia, everyone benefits!


Athletics SA Executive Director, Adam Bishop, can be contacted on 83543477 for more information on the Running Australia Framework.

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