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This section contains a variety of reports and papers produced by Athletics SA regarding athletics in South Australia. Athletics SA welcomes comment and discussion on the following documents.


South Australian Track and Field Facilities Master Plan (December 2011)

South Australian Track and Field Facilites Master Plan Final Report December 2011

This 144 page report, funded by a grant from the Office for Recreation and Sport, systematically identifies priority sites for the development of future track and field facilities in South Australia. An Executive Summary is available on page 6 of the report.


Athletics SA Volunteers: The Million Dollar Question
Discussion Paper – Athletics SA Volunteers

This paper, written by Athletics SA Executive Director, Adam Bishop, looks at the contribution of volunteers to Athletics SA and discusses challenges in relation to the recruitment and retention of volunteers in athletics.

With an aging volunteer workforce and the absence of appropriate succession planning, Athletics South Australia has experienced a decline in the number of officials available to run its competitions. Skilled volunteer officials are integral to the provision of athletics competitions in South Australia. Sensing the number of officials could reach crisis levels within the next five years, Athletics SA set about to develop a discussion paper in order to kick start conversation in relation to the development of a plan to recruit new volunteer officials and retain existing personnel. After attending the national Volunteering Conference (thanks to a grant from Volunteering SA), Athletics SA Executive Director, Adam Bishop, produced the discussion paper entitled; Athletics SA Volunteers – The Million Dollar Question. The paper explored the various roles of all Athletics SA volunteers, including clubs personnel, coaches, officials, and volunteer administrative staff and suggested potential avenues for recruitment and retention. The paper also sought to quantify the monetary value of volunteer labour to Athletics SA. The resulting calculation revealed that Athletics SA volunteers collectively contributed more than a million dollar in labour annually to Athletics SA.


Athletics Programs and Services Review Survey Response Analysis (2009)
Survey Response Analysis Report 2009
Report Summary

This extensive analysis of a comprehensive survey initiated by Athletics SA Executive Director, Adam Bishop, shortly after taking up the role, looks at many challenges facing Athletics SA. Feedback was supplied by nearly 250 Athletics SA stakeholders and the report analyses the responses in a variety of areas, including competition, website. and officiating. A two page summary of the document is also avilable for download.




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