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Adam Bishop – Executive Director Linked In Profile

Time in position: since September 2008

Education: Masters degree in Sport Administration (Belmont University, USA), Bachelor of Education, physical education and English (Flinders University), Certified Professional Manager (Australian Institute of Management), Associate Fellow, Australian Institute of Management, Level 4 Specialist middle and long distance athletics coach.

Previous Roles: Logistics Coordinator for the 2007 World Police and Fire Games; Sport Administrator at St Joseph’s School; Student Services Coordinator for the Institute for Study Abroad; casual lecturer and tutor at Flinders University; contractor for a variety of events including the Santos Tour Down Under; primary and high school relief teacher

Athletic Achievements: Australian representative at the World University Cross Country (Algeria 2006); Australian All Schools 800m national champion (2000); Full Track and Cross Country Scholarship (Belmont University, USA), 6 Open State Titles over various distances and events.

What I hope to achieve through working at ASA: to apply my skills, knowledge and professional expertise to implement significant and meaningful change within SA athletics for the betterment of the sport. I seek to continue to make a positive difference by exploring new opportunities and markets to further develop the business and provide a platform for a vibrant and sustainable organisation and sport.


Damien Smith – Finance and Member Services Coordinator

Time in position: since May 2013

* Note financial role currently filled by Belinda Tippner until at least the end of 2013.


Kate Semiz – Participation and Workforce Development Manager

Time in position: since August 2011

Education: Bachelor of Education Primary/Middle School (Health & PE) University of SA 2007

Previous Roles: Coach Education and Player Development Manager, 2011 Netball SA, Umpire Manager 2008 – 2011 Netball SA

What I hope to achieve through working at ASA: To create successful (and sustainable) Athletics Clubs and Competitions through long term Coaching and Officiating Education. Strong Coaches and Officials compliment and help create strong Athletes.


Clare Houston – Competition and Events Manager

Time in position: since August 2012


Natasha Hudoba – Participation Coordinator

Time in position: since April 2013


Belinda Tippner – Finance

Time in position: since October 2013


Julie Wallis – Office & Database Administrator

Time in position: since March 2014


Rita Golding – Canteen Manager

Rita is currently Athletics SA’s longest serving staff member, having commenced in the role of Canteen Manager in September 2007. Athletics SA operates the food and beverage licence at Santos Stadium on behalf of the Office for Recreation and Sport. Rita has been instrumental in facilitating excellent growth in Athletics SA’s catering arm, which provides an important revenue stream to support athletics in South Australia. Rita manages a team of casual employees and oversees the day to day operations of the canteen for a variety of large and small events.




Joe Stevens – Chair

Board Member Since: 2001

Athletics Involvement: Competed with CCAC in the early 1970’s for 5 years as a sprinter & shot putter. I have been an official since 2000 and was named official of the year in 2002/03. For the past 9 years has held a position on the winter commission committee and officiates during the Summer & Winter seasons, including National Track & Field Competitions, National Cross-Country and Walks Championships. Was involved in the 2006 Melbourne Commonwealth Games

Former Job / Current: Sole Business owner (Service Station & Mechanical Repairs) / Race Director City Bay Fun Run

Reason(s) for standing for the Board: Genuine love of the sport of Athletics

What you hope to achieve as a board member: Continue to work for the improvement of the sport in South Australia and to ensure athletics maintains its status within the school curriculum enabling the identification and development of junior athletes. To further support the current administration assisting it to improve not only the number of athletes in SA but the longevity of our athletes

What you love most about athletics: As a junior athlete I have fond memories of my own time in the sport and enjoy the, “personal achievement,” aspect of the sport even if you don’t always win. This sport offers individuals great opportunities for self development.


Graham Billett – Finance Director

Board Member Since: Finance Director since April 2004

Athletics Involvement: Long term involvement as a parent/helper/treasurer from when my children started LA’s moving through to senior athletics with ASA. This has included taking up officiating rather than just “watching” as well as being treasurer for the Officials Club and more recently joining the Board.

Current / Former Job: Currently employed in the SA Government (Department of the Premier and Cabinet). Have been working in senior financial management roles across government for the last 30+ years.

Reason(s) for standing for the Board: Being able to apply the combination of my professional accounting (CPA) qualifications and extensive financial management experience through working with large budgets for Government Departments with my strong desire to contribute to the ongoing growth and development of athletics in SA.

What you hope to achieve as a board member: To continue the improvement of the financial health of ASA through the development of sustainable budgets and regular monthly monitoring and reporting to the Board, and to help shape the future direction of athletics in SA. As a long term ASA Official being able to not only see but to also bring problems at the grass root level to the attention of the Board.

What you love most about athletics: As an official I love being with and seeing athletes compete and be part of the “buzz” when they do a good throw or achieve a PB performance.


Robert (Bob) John Cruise - Elected Board Member

Age : 71

Board Member Since: New Board member (elected 10 December 2012) but acted as Executive Officer to the Board in the early 2000’s.

Athletics Involvement: Has been involved for 57 years as an athlete, coach and official. Coached numerous underage Australian and State champions in a variety of disciplines.  Officiated at two Olympic Games, five Commonwealth Games and three World Championships as a Referee, Chief Walk Judge/Walk Judge and/or Umpire.  Was an Australian selector for four years and a member of the IAAF Race Walking Committee for eight.  Has been an International Walk Judge (Level 2 and Level 3) for 28years.

Current Club Affiliation: South Australian Race Walking Club.

Current / Former Job: Occasional current work as Business and Sports Consultant.  Formally Director /CEO of TAFE Institutes in Victoria and the Northern Territory.

Reason(s) for standing for the Board: To insist on good governance, ensure strong strategic and financial planning, to encourage sound operational practices and to facilitate change.  

What you hope to achieve as a board member: To be proactive through my term(s) in the pursuit of improved governance, strategic and financial planning and improved operational efficiencies but above all seek to change what I currently see as non- development practices of the association.

What you love most about athletics:  Race walking and the opportunity to build character and champions from among those whom I coach.

Favourite Sports Team: Individual achievement is the greatest builder of individual discipline, strength and character.  As an individual participant you are the only one that is responsible for your success as well as your failure.

Other Interests: Writing of race walking books and family histories.

Favourite Quote:  “if you are not interested in history then your decisions today will be of no importance tomorrow.”


Peter Gayen - Elected Board Member

Age: 47

Board Member Since:  2012

Athletics Involvement: Parent of three current athletes, extensive family involvement with athletics starting with Little Athletics

Current Club Affiliation: Pembroke

Current / Former Job: Manager, Networks Commercial, APA Group

Reason(s) for standing for the Board: Athletics has provided great opportunities for my family, and being a Board member provides the opportunity to utilize my skills to give something back

What you hope to achieve as a board member: I am keen for athletics to be enjoyable for athletes, coaches, officials and spectators and to be well funded, to support increased participation. I would also like to see athletics more generally speak with a unified voice to governments and other key stakeholders as a means of gaining greater influence and support.

What you love most about athletics: Athletics requires careful measurement of performance which allows a focus on personal best performance. This facilitates a focus on effort rather than just winning, which is a great lesson for life. I believe in the long run its effort that counts.

Favorite Sports Team: (1) Any South Australian Representative Athletics Team (2) Barcelona Football Club

Other Interests: Soccer, Fishing, Investment

Favourite Quote: Rommel ‘No plan survives contact with the enemy.’


Peter GrantPeter Grant – Elected Board Member

Age : 62

Board Member Since:  December 2011

Athletics Involvement: Although my own sport was hockey, my experience with athletics began when one of my daughters started little athletics in 1986. Officiating came as part of the package and I began with starting progressing through to A-grade across all events in Little Athletics. Along the way I took on administrative roles and after stints as secretary and president of both Salisbury East Little Athletics Centre and SA Little Athletics Officials Club I was awarded Life Membership of both. I started with ASA in 1990 in the start area and have spent most of my time there, with currently an A grade in Track and in Throws, B grade in Jumps and C grade in walks (although I confess to rarely officiating at walks). I have chaired the Officials Advisory Panel and been a member of the Competition Advisory Panel (formally commissions) and the AA Officials Education Scheme Liaison Officer for 3 years. I have been on the SA Officials Club Committee for several years and am currently president. I’ve had the pleasure of officiating at national events annually as well as the 2000 Olympics and Paralympics, 2006 Commonwealth Games and 2011 IPC World Championships.

Current Club Affiliation: President of SA Officials Club and Life Member of Salisbury Amateur Athletics Club.

Current / Former Job: Quality Assurance Manager for Mayne Pharma International; most of my working life has been in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry.

Reason(s) for standing for the Board: Along with most others, my interest in athletics is aimed at increasing participation. In particular I have a vision of development of local athletics with athletes having the option of competing at local centres. With the national implementation of common senior and LA officials program, I am also interested in developing links with Little Athletics for the benefit of the sport overall in SA.

What you hope to achieve as a board member: Athletics is a very participative sport. It is probably the sport with the highest ratio of support people (coaches, officials, administrators) to athletes. Everyone has a role to play. In such an environment it is a constant challenge to coordinate the needs of all. I believe the current board and staff have made positive moves to develop the needs of the sport in the modern world. I joined the board to contribute to that progress.

What you love most about athletics: I enjoy the fact that everyone in athletics is there because they enjoy it; athletes, coaches officials administrators. No-one is there for the money. Fame comes to very few. Everyone is there because they enjoy it. Whether an athlete, coach, official or any other role, some find enjoyment in participating, some by continually striving for their own best, and lots through helping others to meet their goals.

Other Interests: I have 4 daughters and 5 grandchildren that I am quite proud of and enjoy spending time with. I’m also a JP.

Favourite Quote: Nothing happens unless someone does it. Complaining without contributing to a solution is just noise.


Caroline Jackman – Elected Board Member

Board Member Since:  January 2013


Peter Mayer – Board Appointed Board Member

Board Member Since: 2004

Athletics Involvement: Western Districts Athletics Club since 1966 - Middle Distance, Cross Country then Steeple Chase and Marathon as Vet

Current / Former Job: Retired / Director , Mayer Krieg distributors of electronic components

Reason(s) for standing for the Board: Bringing business experience for strategic planning to the sport that I love.

What you hope to achieve as a board member: A shared vision and cohesive teamwork between the various organising and planning groups at all levels of athletics.

What you love most about athletics: The freedom to train and compete at one’s own level.

Team Allegiance (Aussie Rules footy): Norwood & Crows

Other Interests: Orienteering (both foot and mountain bike) Snow skiing, Scuba diving and Surfing. Rotary, working on a Safe Motherhood project in East Timor.

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