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As Jess Trengove prepares for her first Olympic Games, she has produced a blog post for iRun


19th July 2012,

I write this from my bedroom, decorated with Australian colours, located in of one of many English-style boarding houses at a prominent boy’s school in Kent. This will be my home for the remaining week and a half before I enter the Olympic Village. It is probably a bit earlier in the morning that I would hope to be awake but that’s ‘time-zone adjustment’ for you! Fortunately I still have a couple of weeks until my race so I am not too concerned.

I arrived into a Wintery but buzzing London three days ago and am still pinching myself to be a part of what is already proving to be an experience of a life-time. Upon arrival into Heathrow airport, the infectious nature of the Olympic spirit was obvious. Olympic signage and volunteers were scattered throughout the airport between gigantic posters of Olympic athletes in action to promote the many sponsors of the Games.

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