Technical Administration

Please note that some of the following positions are generally only applicable to National and International Meets.


Technical Manager

- Responsible for the preparation and inspection of all facilities and equipment required for competition and the delivery and removal of all equipment during the meeting


Technical Judges

- Set up all event sites for both track and field
- Assist with all equipment set-up, pack-up, shifting, organization and arranging
- Assist at event site during competition


Call Room Referee

- Shall ensure that the Rules (and applicable technical regulations) are observed and shall decide upon any matters which arise during competition and for which provision has not been made in these Rules
- Rule on oral protests


Call Room Chief Judge

- Supervises the transit between the warm-up area and the competition area to ensure that the athletes after being checked in the call room be present and ready infield for the scheduled start of their event.
- Responsible for the final preparation of athletes before they enter the arena for their event and ensuring they do so on time
- Arrange the duties of all Call Room Judges


Call Room Judges

- Responsible for the checking of the athlete’s clothing and other equipment, and ensuring they are in their correct heat or group prior to their entry into the arena
- Check athletes are wearing their correct competition number
- Check competition number is correctly attached to their competition uniform, track suit and bags
- Tape unacceptable advertising
- Check spikes for length, dimension and number
- Check for prohibited goods and confiscate if necessary
- Deliver judges sheets to the appropriate officials


Call Room Assistants

- Check in athletes as they enter the Call Room
- Assist Call Room Judges in duties they assign to you
- Escort athletes to the event sites
- Ensure the Call Room is tidy


Post Event Control Manager

- Responsible for the care of the athletes at the conclusion of their events


Post Event Control Judges

- Assist judges with clothing recovery from the baskets and day chair collection
- Distribute athlete accreditation passes
- Ensure area is clean of any athlete spillage


Post Event Control Volunteers

- Assist Basket Handler Crew with unloading and placement of baskets in Post Event Control
- Ensure that Post Event Control is clean


Technical Information Manager

- Responsible for effecting the smooth liaison between the athletes, their athletes, team management, the Technical Delegate, Competition Director and the Competition Manager
- Oversees confirmations, withdrawals, substitutions, protests, and appeals; distribution of start lists, results and other information and the return of confiscated goods


Technical Information Assistants

- Assist the TIC Manager in the distribution of information to Team Management personnel
- Act as liaison between the teams and Competition Management
- Assist with the confirmation of entries
- Distribute the final confirmation forms
- Official communications with delegations when required
- Distribution of technical information through the team’s mail box system, including competition information, start lists, qualifying standards, results and official announcements by the organizing committee
- Display the results on the notice board
- Receipt of protests from athletes or team representatives
- Informing Jury of receipt of protest


Administration Manager

- Receive initial distribution of the official start lists, results and notifications
- Management of withdrawal and absence reports


Athlete Services Coordinator

- To be responsible for overseeing the collection and return of track athlete’s personal belongings
- Supervise the training of the basket crew
- Supervise the crew during competition
- Supervise and be responsible for those tasks delegated to the crew
- Liaise with the Post Event Control Manager for the distribution of personal belongings


VIP/Presentation Manager

- Ensure that the medal presenters are ready at the Presentation Meeting point
- Ensure the athletes on the presentation dais are in correct uniform
- Monitor and control the presentation of all awards when the all clear has been given by the Competition Director
- Ensure that each presentation is conducted with precision and speed


Chief Announcer

- Announce the athletes prior to an event starting
- Call track event in progress
- Announce results
- Provide spectators with information as deemed necessary by the Competition Director

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